Vaassen  Packaging BV is a Dutch company specialized in flexible packaging materials. VFP is the European market leader in the tobacco inner liner in addition to extensive choice  for dairy and medical packaging.
PankaBoard Oy is pure virgin fiber based paper board mill in eastern Finland. Mill has two board machine with the capacity of 100.000 pa. PB  is market leader in heavy weight GC FBB grades and produces uncoated boards (UC), ground wood pulp boards (WPB) and solid bleached boards (SBS). 
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Kübler & Niethammer Kriebstein Ag is a medium size producer of graphical and packaging papers, independent from all multinational groups.  Mill is located favorably to Hungarian markets in Germany, close to Czech boarder near Dresden. After just finalized rebuilding by 20 Mill. Eur, mill has the capacity of 130.000 tpa. In West Europe already for decades well known Heat- and Cold-sett LWC papers, coated white top-liners and laminating papers are produced from 100 % recycled fibers.
PK Varel GmbH produces recycling fiber based boards. With four  machines capacity of 750.000 tons p.a. Varel in northern Germany is the largest board mill unit in Europe. Main products are solid recycling boards, GD- and GT boards, testliners and flutings.
Main Suppliers
Remako-Papyrolux B.V is Dutch trader, specialized in "non-regular" paper and board lots like side-runs, leftovers, out-of-date stocks, and off-grade lots.
PankaBoard mill in Finland.
Tullau Pappen GmbH  is well-known producers of  bulky  recycled and wood pulp  based solid mill- and  multi-layer  boards. Two  mills Tulllau and Trauchgau are situated in South Germany.
Porstendorf GmbH is a German manufacturer of high quality cardboards like traditional gray board, brown cardboard, book binding board, box board, wood pulp cardboard and screen printing board.
Horizon Pulp & Paper Ltd in Estonia produces a wide range of high quality, beautiful natural brown, Nordic kraft papers, based on 100% pure long virgin fiber softwood pulp (NSP), similar to famous Scandinavian kraft qualities. Mill has own modern integrated pulp production and three paper mashines.
Plastiroll Ltd is a Finn, ecological solution-oriented, plastic co-extrusion  and dispersion technology producer of compostable, biogradeable,  barrier coated or laminated board and paper packaging materials.
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