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Coated mechanical LWC and MWC
Leipa Schwedt Papermill
Kübler & Niethammer Kriebstein Ag private, independent German paper mill with capacity of 115.000 tpa is located near Dresden, close to Hungarian markets. Coated, 100 % recycled fiber based standard and improved LWC/MWC papers for reel and sheet offset are sold under the brand KRIEBCOAT. Paper is known and rewarded as reliable stable quality, extraordinary high bulk, pure outlook, easy printable, pleasant tactile feel  and multi-certified environment friendly solution.
Kriebcoat (KC) is improved ( ISO 81 %) LWC/MWC in low / medium basis weights of 48 - 80 g/m2 and is  produced for both reel- and sheet fed   offset  printing methods.

Kriebcoat Heatset and SFO:
* KC Superior  (KCS-X/S/B)

Kriebcoat Coldset:
* KC S
uperior  (KCSC)

Heatset and SFO grades are available in three surface/bulk versions:
* Xtra - gloss in volume of 0.90 (X)
* Silk - silk gloss in volume of 1.00 (S)
* Bulk - matt in volume of 1.20 (B)

Coldset grades (C)
are available for waterless and
traditional cold-set only in one surface / bulk version:
* Bulk - matt with volume of  1.20

More info and technical data sheets download
from below link:
         Kriebcoat is the paper for those, who love nature.
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