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Horizon Pulp & Paper Ltd in northern Estonia produces a wide range of high quality, beautiful brown unbleached, Nordic kraft papers, based on 100% pure long virgin fiber pine and spurce pulp (NSP), similar to famous Scandinavian kraft qualities. Newly modernized pulp production is integrated to three paper machines.
All grades are acid free, pH neutral with ISEGA, BgVV, FDA and heavy metal content (94/62/EEC) certificates and approvals also for direct contact to dry and fatty foodstuffs. Mill is FSC certified and fulfills ISO 14001 and ISO 9001  standards.
Horizon Papers are commonly used for all kind of sacks, consumer and carrier bags, flexible packaging, laminating, wrapping, interleaving, yarns, tubes, cores and corrugate liners. All grades are fully bio-degradable, compostable and recyclable.
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Std and natural MF kraft papers:
Semi extensible kraft papers:
Fully extensible  kraft papers:
High porosity SpeedEx kraft papers:
New off-line SLITTER-REWINDER cuts coils and narrow reels to 40 - 1200 mm width for handles, paper ropes, counter reels, bottom patches, valve tubes, spiral winding etc.
- SKP 60-90 g/m2 from PM1 >>
- SKP 100-150 g/m2 from PM1 >>
- SKP 50-60 g/m2 from PM3 >>
- SKP 65-90 g/m2 from PM3 >>
- SEK  70-110 g/m2 from PM1 >>
- SEK 70-110 g/m2 from PM2 >>
- FEK 70-110 g/m2 from PM1 >>
- FEK 70-110 g/m2 from PM2 >>
Wet strength  kraft papers:
- WSK 65-90 g/m2 from PM1 >>
- WSK 100-150 g/m2 from PM1 >>
- WSK 45-60 g/m2 from PM3 >>
- SpeedEx Semi Extensible 70-90gsm >>
- SpeedEx Fully Extensible  70-90gsm >>
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