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MGK* 21-60 + PE 10-20 HS for hygroscopic or fatty products like, sugar, salt, spices, shop wrapping, dry- and fast-food
Alu 7 my + PE 12 + MGK 30 + Pe 15 for all fatty products like butter, and margarine.
PET 12 + PE 12-20 + Alu 7-9 my + PE 18-30 + LLDPE* 40 my HS for  farma, dry foods and health care with extreme high barrier needs.
CCP/Film + PE 10-50 + Cold seal layer 2-6 g sterilisable for health care like plasters, clinical dressings and equipments.
Multi-layer flexible packaging
CCP 45-50 + PE10-12 + Alu* 6.3-7 my + PE 23-25 HS for long shelf life sensitive aromatic dry foods, dry beverages and pharma.
Flexible packaging users and suppliers tends to have their own tailor made solutions. Below we have listed main end uses and most typical solutions we offer. For most standard applications we have  ready made reel stock for fast cutting and delivering. We offer both standard or tailor- made solutions for heat- and cold sealing, easy-sealing/peeling, moisture, aroma, gas, solvents, hygienic and steril barrier requirements to food, pharma, chemical, medical, health- and beauty care packaging.
CCP 60 + PE 18 + PVDC* 12 HS for  aromatic powders, spices and dry beverages.
CCP* 50-70 + PE* 20-30 HS* for hygroscopic  or fatty powders, sugar, salt, and fast-food.
Alu/CCP/Film/Non-woven + PE 10-40 + Easy-peel layer 2-5 g HS  for health care like tube-pack, plasters, cloves and clinical dressings.
CCP/Film + PE 12-20 + Alu/Metallized PET/OPP* + Surlyn coext. PE HS for pharma, heath- and beauty care like condoms and medizine sachets.
Typical solutions
*Abbreviations: CCP: Clay Coated Paper, Pe: Polyethylen extruded, MGK: Machine Glazed Kraft Paper. HS: Heat Sealable, Alu: Aluminium Foil, PVDC: Polivinilidén-klorid Film, PET: Polietilén-tereftalát Film, LLPE: Linear Low Density  PE Film,  OPP: Oriented Polypropylen Film.  See also Wikipedia>>